CD Review: Joe Walsh, Analog Man

So, twenty years have passed since Joe Walsh's Songs For A Dying Planet and you found yourself playing the "Alive or Dead?" drinking game when his name popped up on your card. Well, have no fear and put down that shot glass, for Joe Walsh is alive, warm, and releasing a new album. Analog Man is a return to form with some new twists for those of you who remember that the man has some serious chops.

It's evident he's enjoying himself here as well as proving that after all this time, he remains a relevant and compelling guitar player and songwriter. He nails it on songs like "Wrecking Ball" (easily my favorite on the entire album) and if you were having doubts about his being a force to be reckoned with, one listen to the opening notes of "India" will help you over the hump and inspire you to break out in a bout of highly embarrassing air guitar mimicry. The Grammy Award-winning rock 'n' roll veteran has returned with the help of producer Jeff Lynne and he's turned out a record more than worthy of his talent and much to the delight of his many patient fans.

Welcome back, Joe.

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