Video Game Review: Humble Indie Bundle V: A Gift From The Gaming Gods

If you've mastered Angry Birds and Infinity Blade and want to step up your game (literally), then your dreams have been answered.

The Humble Indie Bundle V is now available, and if you have a Mac or PC and any inkling to try some of the most enjoyable and innovative video games of the last few years, you should sprint to your computer right now and get it. It's a pay-whatever-you-want bundle of some of the most popular indie games of the last few years, which is sort of like Radiohead releasing eight albums at once and asking you to set the price. The average price for the bundle right now is $7.92, which is less than what any one of these games would cost on their own.

And these award-winning games are amazing. The bundle includes Tim Schafer's beloved original Xbox classic Psychonauts, the heartbreaking time-bending masterpiece Braid, the spooky platformer Limbo, and what was for many people 2011's game of the year, Bastion. It also includes Amnesia: Dark Descent (which is supposed to be legitimately terror-inducing), the brutally challenging Super Meat Boy (in which the title character must save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the clutches of Dr. Fetus), as well as Lone Survivor and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. That's more than enough fun to make you late for work every day at least through October.

And the best part? Proceeds from the sale are split between the independent developers whose passion, creativity, and hard work brought these to life and to charities such as Child's Play and EFF, a digital rights advocacy group. So when your spouse gives you shit when you're still up at 3:00 AM playing, you can tell her it's all for a good cause.

Check it out now at!

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