In Defense And In Praise Of The Young Music Fanatic

i. So, the indubitably badass Linda Perry tweeted this

ii. And of course I watched this

(ridiculous how much I love this song)

iii. Which prompted me to

(who the [REDACTED] is Nick Gas?)

iv. Which yielded this:
"I even held up my little portable cassette player to my stand-alone phonograph and recorded it over and over, so I’d have the song on a nice loop and wouldn’t have to wait for the tone arm to go back and forth before I could hear it again.

This explains much about me."
(Let's discuss the fact that I did this with the Lipps, Inc. roof-raiser "Funkytown" in 1981--first portable cassette player Christmas of 1980, holla!--and then with the Scorpions' "Still Loving You" a scant threeish years later; I would say that I am on a more than cordial basis with this particular pathos.)

v. And in conclusion, I'll tell you what else happened to Nick Gilder: He was on every gym mix I ever had from 1996 until now.

Moral of the story:
A) The difference between music-driven people and non-music-driven people is that one of them was listening obsessively to B-sides when (s)he was eight... and was already completely smug about that business, how mortifying and great.
B) "Hot Child In The City" is a creepy song if you deconstruct it even the slightest bit. Yet, strangely, it's still catchy.

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