The Trailer For Flight Has Promise

I saw several movies in the theaters this weekend, and therefore saw a lot of trailers. Many of which were painful: Joseph Gordon Levitt as an extreme bike messenger, the overly saccharine Brave, but Flight was one that caught my attention. In a nutshell, Denzel Washington plays a pilot who makes a daring rescue landing, putting him in the spotlight as a hero. Investigations eventually reveal that he may have been intoxicated during the flight, sparking an investigation.

To find a good movie these days, one has to wade through the crap that big-budget studios put out, and although this one is not in 3D, there are no CGI elves, and it is not based on a board game/crappy bestseller, it is one worth looking out for. Why? Let me count the ways:
  1. Denzel Washington doing what he does best: playing a conflicted and perhaps flawed character with complex issues.
  2. Awesome footage of a plane crash. It's not something I'd want to experience, so let the movie magic do its job. Did I mention that he lands the plane upside down?
  3. Robert Zemeckis can do no wrong. This is the first live-action film he has directed since 2000's Castaway which was surprisingly good.
  4. It poses a moral dilemma and a multi-dimensional character, which is hard to find these days.
Flight is released on November 2nd, and I'll gladly go opening night.

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