TV Review: Annoying Orange, "Captain Blood Orange"

Cartoon Network sent over the pilot episode of their upcoming series, Annoying Orange (based on the YouTube sensation of the same name). My review of the series? It pretty much lives up to its name: it's an orange and it's annoying. But I don't think I'm their target audience. But you know who is? My nine-year-old daughter. Here's what she thought:
I like to watch Annoying Orange YouTube videos online and Marshmallow is my favorite character. I liked watching the "Captain Blood Orange" episode. In this episode, they are pirates that fight vegetables. It is cool that the gang goes from the kitchen to the grocery store. They also get to meet a new friend, Nerville. It is a wonderful video.
Annoying Orange debuts June 11th at 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network.

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