CD Review: Jellyfish, Live At Bogart's

We were sending around emails the other day at Culture Brats HQ, discussing our dream '90s nostalgia festival lineups. Oddly, not one of us mentioned Jellyfish.

Why? We just forgot about them.

And that's a shame. Jellyfish made some of the catchiest, toe-tappingest, finger-snappingest tunes in the '90s, music that couldn't help but bring a smile to your face. There was no reason we should've been allowed to have forgotten about them because the band should've been a household name. Enter this awesome live disc to jar your memory and win over some new fans as well.

Recorded at a 1991 show, Live At Bogart's featured Spilt Milk's "Bye Bye Bye," two songs not on either of their major releases ("Hello" and "Will You Marry Me"), and a number of cover tunes (Argent's "Hold Your Head Up," Player's "Baby Come Back," Badfinger's "No Matter What," and Wings' "Let 'Em In"), but the majority of the set came from the band's debut, Bellybutton. You've got all your favorites: "The King Is Half-Undressed," "I Wanna Stay Home," "Now She Knows She's Wrong," "Baby's Coming Back," "All I Want Is Everything," "The Man I Used To Be,"--hell, the only track from Bellybutton not performed live on Live At Bogart's is "Bedspring Kiss."

So how is Live At Bogart's? Fun. Awesome. Seriously, it's a trip down memory lane, a blast from the past that makes you remember a band that never got a fair shake from the public. The songs are great, the covers are inspired, and Andy Sturmer sounds superb. This is a great live performance that captures the band on the cusp of stardom that unfortunately never came to be.

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