Top 20 Albums Of 1985 (Nos. 11-15)

For this week's Ranked!, we compiled our twenty favorite albums released in 1985. Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments!

Here are numbers 11-15:

15. Camper Van Beethoven, Telephone Free Landslide Victory

I have been a major admirer of David Lowery for quite some time now. I have seen him play live countless times. With Camper Van Beethoven. With Cracker. Acoustic. You name it.

This is Camper Van Beethoven's debut disc and contains such classics as "The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon," "Ambiguity Song," and "Take The Skinheads Bowling."--Chris

14. Prince, Around The World In A Day

A lot of folk jump from Purple Rain to Sign O' The Times in the Prince discography, but I've always thought this is an underrated, sometimes overlooked album. Taken as a whole, there were a lot of comparisons to the classic Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Yes, it does have "Raspberry Beret," but it's got some lesser known stuff like "Pop Life," "Paisley Park," and "America."--Archphoenix

13. Hooters, Nervous Night

Confession: on my individual ballot, I put Nervous Night as my #1 album for 1985. I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this album. From start to finish, it's one of the best albums of the '80s. Although it did spawn three Top 40 hits ("And We Danced," "Day By Day," "Where Do The Children Go") and one near-hit ("All You Zombies"), my favorite tracks were the non-hits: "Don't Take My Car Out Tonight," the title track, and Blood From A Stone, my favorite cut on the album. Another reason this album will always be special to me: one of the first bands I was in played a kick-ass version of "All You Zombies."--Chris

12. a-ha, Hunting High And Low

This album started and ended it all for a-ha in the US. Show me someone who doesn't know "Take On Me" and one of the coolest music videos ever (still!). Then they followed up that song with the "Sun Always Shines On TV". A-ha's synth-pop sound was iconic '80s and inspiring across multiple platforms. You still see tributes to their signature video look to this day (I think the last one I saw was on Family Guy). But what most of the US doesn't know is they were an even bigger hit in Europe and they were actually still producing albums and touring up until 2010! It makes me feel a little bad. Hunting High And Low was good, but I think most of us here in the states lost track on them after their second album. Maybe they deserve another a listen. Or just pull out this album again! You know you have it.--The Weirdgirl

11. The Replacements, Tim

A lot of people point to Pleased To Meet Me or Let It Be as the best Replacements album, but for my money that album is Tim. The band sounds as exuberant and unpolished as ever, and listening to this album I can't help but want to hang out with them and party. "Hold My Life" and "Bastards Of Young" totally rock, and "Waitress In The Sky" might be the most hysterically awesome put-down ever put to music. The Replacements are all over the place on this album, but you can't help but get caught up in the chaos, whether introspective or boisterous. It's a template for what alternative rock would become in the '90s, except with more energy and heart.--CroutonBoy

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