Why This Is Important: Getting Psyched For The New Godzilla

Alright, maybe YOUR world didn't come screeching to a halt when Legendary Pictures pulled a Comic-Con rabbit out of their hat and unveiled the new teaser for the upcoming Godzilla reboot that will be helmed by Monsters creator Gareth Edwards, but mine did. Godzilla fanatics are a long-suffering bunch, having been forced to sit through numerous attempts at remakes, reboots, and flat-out massacres of their favorite movie monster but we watched each installment, we forgave, and we kept hoping. It's enough to make anyone give up the dream of seeing him the way he was meant to be.

Enter Gareth Edwards. Sure, his resume is a little short to be handing him the keys to this massive undertaking, but one look at his brilliantly executed and engaging Monsters instantly makes me feel in my gut that he is the person to pull this off. With a reworked screenplay by David Goyer and the public's thirst for a film that will finally do justice to the mighty destroyer from the sea, I'm choosing to believe this combination can not fail.

Long before he stomped his way onto foreign shores, our Godzilla spent years rising from Tokyo Bay to the horror of millions of fleeing Japanese citizens. Terrorizing innocent people and stomping indiscriminately on breathtaking architecture while breathing fire and letting loose with that ear-shattering guttural scream was his thing, and we loved him for it. The thundering footsteps, the realization that there was nowhere safe to run, the probability that another equally destructive monster would swoop down and begin fighting to the death while the military tried in vain to fend them off--these were the movie marathons of my childhood.

Even after all these years, the idea of setting up my action figures while I wait to watch this in the ice-cold movie theater like I did as a child, sets me ablaze with excitement.


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