Chaos Theory: Our Interview With Asy And Chloe Saavedra From Chaos Chaos

Chaos Chaos released their Kickstarter-funded debut EP S last week. But this isn't the first rodeo for sisters Asy And Chloe Saavedra: the duo had been releasing music as Smoosh since they were twelve and ten respectively. We were lucky enough to sit down and talk to them about the new band, the new album, and trash drum kits.

Hey Asy and Chloe! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. How's it going?
Great! Getting ready to soundcheck for our MN show with San Cisco! There's awesome pinball machines in here.

Please describe the music of Chaos Chaos for those who might not be familiar with you.
Chaos Chaos music is music with no rules, complete chaos taking place in a song. But what's weird is that when you write under no rules, the song ends up making more sense.

Why did now seem like the right time for a change in direction and a new band name?
We had just taken a two-year break in Stockholm Sweden, and we REEEEALLY missed music, so we decided that when we came back to music, we would push ourselves more. Also because technically we are both adults now, and that puts us in the category of all musicians, there's a bigger pond now.

Why S?
Because every word that starts with S is awesome. No, I'm kidding. S is a symbol for entropy. Entropy means disorder, and while writing the album we realized that music is a beautiful thing because it's so weird, and our songs always begin with complete disorder. We are definitely no experts at thermodynamics, but here's a brief description of entropy in the universe and how it relates to sound (music). After everything you do, you create more entropy than what existed before you did it. Every act of physics ups the level of disorder in the universe. The world is in a complete disordered state, somehow that creates a beautiful balance. Without entropy, everything would be stale and boring. Music is a perfect example of how this disorder creates something wonderful. We like that idea, so we named it S.

Are there plans to tour to support the EP? If so, will you be performing any Smoosh songs?
We are actually on a small tour as I write this. Chicago (Empty Bottle) the 24th and then east coast dates. Then we head to the west coast for shows. Check our Facebook for tour dates. And YES we will play a few old Smoosh songs. It's fun to bring the old ones back because they are so old, but we're beginning new.

Please tell us about your homemade trash drum kits. Did you use one on any of the songs on S?
Yes, I used trash on S. I used trash on the song "Winner" that we recorded with Matt Tong of Bloc Party. So much fun. We used glued together hairspray, coffee containers, and old pans.

Which keyboardists do you look up to?
I love keyboardists who do more than what's expected, like playing all of the elements of a song (melody, bass, etc.) on a keyboard. I don't really have many keyboardists as role models, but I look up to pianists/songwriters like PJ Harvey and Tricky who never repeat themselves musically.

You used Kickstarter to fund the album and you ended up earning more than twice your goal. Did that surprise you at all? What are your feelings about Kickstarter? Can you see yourselves using it in the future to fund albums, videos, or tours?
Kickstarter is amazing. We were SO surprised about being even funded at all on Kickstarter. So thankful. Kickstarter is a great place for independent artists to raise money without having someone else involved in the art you are making. Definitely see ourselves using it in the future, we just need a better way to mail out rewards to fans. We just spent two hours in the post office. NOT FUN.

Fun questions time! First album, cassette, or CD you purchased with your own money?
OOH! Gosh, this is embarrassing but I'm pretty sure it was Chingy's Jackpot. Mainstream hip hop has always been an influence on our music.

Finally, you're the opening act of a music festival. You can get any five artists, living or dead, to perform on the bill with you. Which five do you choose and what song do you all perform as the final jam?
Oh my! Good question. PJ Harvey, Jackson 5, Cocorosie, John Lee Hooker, Herbie Hancock. Final jam: "Give It To Me" by Timbaland.

Thanks again for speaking with us today! Best of luck with S!
I love talking about myself, always a pleasure. Just kidding. Ha ha. Thank you so much for the interview!

More Chaos Chaos: Official | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Vimeo

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