Movie Review: Tai Chi 0

My husband sent me an email last week that basically said "we're invited to a screening of a steampunked kung fu film. We're going." And I thought "a what now?" But hey, free weird movie. I am so glad we went because Tai Chi 0 is a thing of beauty. It's basically as advertised: a subtitled Chinese kung fu type movie in which our hero, Lu Chan, AKA "The Freak," (yes, that is how they refer to him) learns that he's been born with the ability to learn and mimic killer kung fu moves just by watching them. So he grows up being a kick ass fighter in a sketchy army. Then he learns he's dying and the only way to save his life is to learn a super secret form of Tai Chi from a little village. And said village is having a problem in which a former resident wants to tear down the village to run a railroad track through it to help modernize China. Enter steampunk machines. And epic battles. I mean, have you ever seen a man fight with a huge chunk of tofu? The cinematography is actually pretty great. The fight scenes are stellar. The story is very tongue and cheek: it's part kung fu, part steampunk, and part Scott Pilgrim and is entirely awesome. Not sold? Check out one of the trailers.

Seriously, I laughed the entire time. Go check it out - it's in limited release in theaters right now. Oh and the sequel, Tai Chi Hero, which is a genius title, is scheduled to come our in January 2013 and the sneak peek for that cracked me up.

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