Next Caller: The Dane Cook Sitcom You'll Never Get To Watch

Did you know that NBC had started filming a sitcom vehicle for Dane Cook called Next Caller? Cook plays a misogynist "shock jock" who suddenly gets a new feminist co-host. Uh-oh! Hijinks and hilarity to ensue! Well, don't worry about it, because it's already been canceled before it even aired. This here clip just about tells us everything we need to know about it anyway:

Based on this clip alone, I can predict how the whole series would have gone down anyway:
  • At some point, Dane Cook tells her to "shave your legs and calm down."
  • Dane Cook will say disgusting things about women, and his co-host will flip out and give him lessons on being politically correct.
  • Dane Cook will suddenly spout feminist rhetoric, and his "bro" fans will have to stage an intervention.
  • Feminist co-host will be dumped by a guy, and Dane Cook will tell her to "buck up and act like a guy," leading to a montage of them binge drinking and going to strip clubs together. They will inevitably spend a night together, and there is a "he said, she said" rendition of the story told to everyone.
  • Dane Cook will attempt to seduce an attractive female, but feminist co-host will intervene and convince said woman that Dane Cook is just a womanizer, and Dane Cook will be angry that she cock-blocked him.
  • The phrase "on the rag" will be used.
  • The Indigo Girls will be mentioned, and not in a positive way.
There! Now you didn't even need to watch this series. I hope that Collette Wolfe gets another break, because she is adorable and funny (and was a scene stealer in Hot Tub Time Machine and Observe & Report, among others). NBC, I can't believe you would air this on the same channel as Parks & Recreation. Imagine what Leslie Knope would think!

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