Some Questions I Have For Nicole Westbrook

Patrice Wilson is either insane or is a genius. There really is a fine line. You may know him as the mastermind behind Rebecca Black's instant classic ode to the days of the week, Friday. Despite being ridiculed, it racked up a gazillion hits on YouTube. Hey, if your business model is not broken, why fix it? This time he's back with the magnanimous Nicole Westbrook celebrating every tween's favorite holiday. You must watch. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Naturally, this video brings up many, many questions:
  1. Nicole, have you ever danced til dawn? Isn't that past your curfew?
  2. Thanksgiving is your favorite, really? That fourth of July party looked fun.
  3. Where are your parents? Or do you live alone and have wayward orphans over for the meal?
  4. If your parents were there, do you think they'd let you invite a grown man in a turkey suit into the house?
  5. What do his tattoos mean? Did he get those in prison?
  6. Was the rap "Gotta be grateful/can't be hateful/mashed potatoes on my table" influenced by classic rap groups?

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