"Gangnam Style" Parodies Must Be Stopped

To the surprise of no one, the Glee club from Glee covered "Gangnam Style", officially the most watched video on YouTube ever. It's an understatement that this show has jumped the shark, but this is like finding that shark, strapping him down, and jumping over him another eighteen times. It's one thing to do a tongue-in-cheek version of Rebecca Black's "Friday," but this is just too much. It also seems to take it way to seriously. And, if I am to understand it, they perform this at the finals of a SINGING competition. This isn't exactly the most melodically pleasing song. And finally: was it absolutely necessary to have the Asian character sing this one? Try to watch the whole clip without cringing.

Think you are okay with that one? Now watch this parody from a high school in Pennsylvania and then decide if you think "Gangnam Style" has ruined music forever.

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