The Culture Brats Top 10 Reviews Of 2012

Just like last year, we're recapping everything you loved the most during 2012 at Culture Brats. Here are the ten most popular reviews published in the past year:

Childrens Hospital
We took a look at the new season's first two episodes.

The Hollywood Complex
We reviewed the documentary about parents trying to make their kids Hollywood stars.

The Hunger Pains
We took a look at the parody of The Hunger Games.

Leogun and LOLwork
We reviewed the Leogun EP and the debut episode of LOLwork.

My Crazy Obsession
We review the TLC show.

We review the Adult Swim comedy.

Some Nights
We reviewed the new fun. album.

Stephie Coplan
We review a Stephie Coplan concert.

Unsung: Sheila E.
We reviewed the Unsung documentary on legendary drummer Sheila E.

Top 10 Albums of 2012
We reviewed the Top 10 albums of 2012.

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