Culture Consumption: Girls, Santigold, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, And Pudding Monsters

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Video Of The Week: Santigold, "Girls"

Album Of The Week: Various Artists, Girls Soundtrack
Judging by all the press it receives, the awards it earns, and the countless blogs that provide weekly recaps, I assume that I am the only person on the planet that does not watch HBO's Girls. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the greatness that is the soundtrack from the series. In addition to awesome tracks you might already have on your iPod by Robyn ("Dancing On My Own"), Sleigh Bells ("Infinity Guitars"), Icona Pop ("I Love It"), and Belle & Sebastian ("I Don't Love Anyone"), the Girls soundtrack boasts new songs from fun., Santigold, Grouplove, Micheal Penn, and Tegan & Sara. The fun. track sounds like something that might've been written between Aim And Ignite and Some Nights. "On Your Way" is awesome, like most of Michael Penn's songs. Tegan & Sara cover the Stones' "Fool To Cry," and it's one of the soundtrack's strongest tracks.
Consume Now: Grab the whole thing even though you might already own several of these songs. It's a really great album.

Album Cover Of The Week: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mosquito
Awesome, isn't it?

App Of The Week: Pudding Monsters

This is from the Zeptolab, which brought us the very popular Cut The Rope. Like Cut The Rope, it's a puzzle game with a simple learning curve. You move little globs of pudding around in hopes of connecting them (on the board's three stars if you want a perfect score). Like I said, it's easy to understand, but it's also incredibly fun addictive. Unfortunately, it's a bit too easy. I finished the game in a day. Here's hoping future boards are a little more challenging!

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