Pod-Fascination: The Complete Guide To Everything And The Video Podcast Network

Pod-Fascination is a weekly column about podcasts you should be paying attention to.

The Complete Guide To Everything
Well, truthfully, not everything, just the things that Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds have experienced. But, lucky for the listeners, they usually have anecdotes to talk about many topics including moving, internships, Richard Marx concerts, dating, and technology. Both Tim and Tom not only have great chemistry with each other, they are skilled at telling stories about even the most mundane activities. I think the art of storytelling is what separates the good podcasts from the bad, and TCGTE is more than two friends talking about everything; it's a peek inside insightful conversations between friends, who know the value of getting a bit goofy at times.

Not only do the hosts cover a certain topic, there are occasional recurring segments, including my very favorite segment ever "That Asshole You Didn't Know Existed Until The New York Times Pointed Them Out To You," a discussion of the often frivolous and unnecessary profiles from the Times' Style section.

TCGTE is also unique among comedy podcasts because there are no guests on the show, it is always just the two hosts. I find this refreshing, because I've often skipped episodes of podcasts because of a guest I know I don't care for. With The Complete Guide To Everything, you always know you'll get a quality episode.

Video Podcast Network
In other podcast news, the Video Podcast Network (VPN) started streaming live video of podcasts recorded in front of an audience during the Sundance film festival. I thought this was just for the occasion of Sundance, but the Earwolf network started releasing in-studio videos of Comedy Bang Bang.

Obviously, this negates the very concept of a podcast, but it is interesting to see the dynamics and performances of the character actors. I'm curious to see how this pans out. I recommend watching (or at least listening) to this week's episode of CBB, featuring Jon Daly as the character Bill Cosby Bukowski who is a combination of, you guessed itm Bill Cosby and Charles Bukowski.

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