Jeremy Shada: The Culture Brats Interview

On January 24th, Cartoon Network debuted Incredible Crew, a half-hour sketch comedy show produced by Nick Cannon. One of the show's six young stars is Jeremy Shada, who also voices the role of Finn on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. We were lucky enough to sit down and speak with him about both shows and we even got our kids involved!

Is Incredible Crew improvised at all? Are any of the actors involved with the skit writing or creating?
Most of the show is written but there's some improv'd lines here and there and all the hidden camera bits are improv. None of the actors are involved in the creating or writing of the show, that all comes from our writers and producers.

You're also the voice of Finn on Adventure Time. Which is harder: voice acting or physical acting?
Physical acting is definitely more challenging but in the end there's a lot more reward from a performing standpoint and you're able to do more.

How did you get into voice acting?
I actually started with live action stuff like commercials, movies, and TV shows and then my agent decided to send me out for some voiceover spots. I was pretty good at it and it just kind of evolved from there.

You've had lots of big name guests on Adventure Time. Who were you the most excited about meeting?
That's a hard question but I would have to go with Mark Hamill because honestly, how often do you get to meet a Jedi?

You've performed a few songs so far on Incredible Crew. What was that like? Could you see yourself releasing a CD one day?
Recording songs is a total blast and super fun to do. It's a great experience and I love doing it so like I say with most things, I wouldn't be opposed to maybe doing something like that down the road if the timing and direction is right.

The remaining questions come from some of our kids who love both Adventure Time and Incredible Crew. Sam would like to know if Finn and Princess Bubblegum will ever get married and why Princess Bubblegum won't go on a date with Finn. He says she's mean.
I don't know if they'll get married or not, but I think the reason Princess Bubblegum won't go on dates with Finn is because she's a little too old for him and sees him almost as a little brother.

Pixie would like to know if you'd want Fiona and Cake on every episode.
Well if Fiona and Cake were in every episode, I would be out of a job! LOL. But in all seriousness, I would like to maybe see them come into the same reality and maybe go on adventures with Finn and Jake occasionally. The reason I don't say always is because the dynamic between Finn and Jake is two bros hanging out and having a good time and it wouldn't be the same if the others were always there.

Kenny would like to know if it's fun to do Finn's voice.
It's an honor and a lot of fun doing Finn's voice for sure!

Sam would like to know why Finn keeps his hair under his hat all the time and what would happen if it all got cut off.
Well, I think he keeps his hair under the hat to give more attention to his awesome hat! And actually his hair has fallen off before and it just grows back slowly... under his hat, of course!

Pixie would lie to know your favorite part of the tree fort.
I like the treasure room and the awesome lookout balcony up top!

Elizabeth would like to know if Jake is based on any dogs in history, famous or not.
I don't know if he is or not, I would probably say no but [Adventure Time creator] Pen Ward would know!

Sam would like to know why the Ice King needs to kidnap ladies to marry. Since he has powers and is a king, he shouldn't have to be such a loser. Ladies don't normally like to be kidnapped.
Well, powers and being a king don't count for everything, but I think one of the reasons he has to kidnap them is because he is super old and smelly and otherwise they would never go near him.

Pixie would like to know your favorite cartoons from when you were a kid.
My favorite cartoons were Teen Titans, Pokemon, SpongeBob, and Animaniacs!

Finally, Sam would like to know what happened to Finn's parents and why he is the only human in Ooo.
That is a secret I am sworn to protect for the time being. Maybe you'll find out later in the show and maybe you won't... you'll just have to keep watching!

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