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If you're a fan of Comedy Central's Workaholics, you're already familiar with Montez Walker. Erik Griffin is the comedian who brings the character to life. We sat down and spoke with him about his upcoming comedy album, his Comedy Central special, his record label, Workaholics, and horror movies.

How are you doing today?
I'm good, just tired. I've been doing a lot of traveling, so it's good to be home for a few days.

I heard you filmed your special for Comedy Central last week in Boston. How did that go?
You know, it went great. I was surprised how many actual fans were in the crowd. I really enjoyed it.

Do you when it'll air yet?
I have no idea. They didn't tell me any info, but I believe it's like the summertime. Probably late summer.

Cool. You recently signed to SideOneDummy and you're the only comedian on the label. What's that like?
I was just really moved by the owner of the label, Joe Sib. His enthusiasm for wanting to do comedy, his watching me a few times, and us having a real heart-to-heart conversation about it. It was like, "This is where I want to be." And what's more punk rock than a comedian being on a punk rock label?

Have you met any of the bands yet?
No, just passing through the office I've seen a couple of them. I've seen the guy from Flogging Molly. I'm down to meet more of them. I want to meet the Restorations because I really want to do a song with them because I want to do some comedy music also.

I've heard Technical Foul: Volume One and I think it's hilarious—--
You don't have to say that because of doing this. You can be honest.

I am being honest. I laughed all the way through it, especially--
That's great! It's really great to hear that because I haven't talked to anybody other than people in the label and the few interviews that I've done, so you're like the fourth or fifth person that's outside the label to hear the album so I'm really glad to hear that you feel that way.

For me, it brought me back to when I was young. It's been so long since I've sat down and listened to a comedy album, but that was something I did when I was a kid. I grew up on Raw and stuff like that.
Yeah, me too. I know exactly what you mean. That's why I did it. I always wanted to do it because when I was a kid, I would listen to comedy albums and they don't really do that anymore. YouTube and everything has taken that away and I was like, "You know what? I still want to do a comedy album."

You're right. You see the Comedy Central shows and YouTube and that's basically it other than just a few artists here and there.
Yeah. I'm trying to bring it back. It's old school, man.

Was it taped during various stops on your tour?
No, I actually did that in one shot at the La Jolla Comedy Store.

How does that work? Do you try to get friends and family to show up?
Nah. We advertised it and just wanted to get fans there, really. Not just friends, but fans because the fans are the ones. They go to comedy shows, they know how to act at a comedy show, and they're going to be more excited to see me. And they were.

How's the PledgeMusic thing going?
That's a new thing. I think I was the first comic on there and it's hard when it says PledgeMusic. It's kind of so-so. Some people did sign up. Some people are excited about it. I think it's a great system and if I was putting out a music album, I would definitely use that again. I would actually still use it again, regardless, now that I know more about it.

Workaholics, in my opinion, is one of the funniest shows on television. Is any of it improvised?
We improvise a little bit, but it's mostly based off the script. It's mostly scripted. It's from the mind of the boys, you know what I mean?

Some of it's pretty out there. Has there ever been a time when they came to you and asked you to do something and you just couldn't do it?
You would think that from the stuff that I've already done, that's already been asked. I trust their comedic sense and everything they've had in there so far: eating boogers, being naked, jumping in the pool. All of the stuff that they've already have has been... interesting.

Who do we have to talk to in order to get Montez on there more often?
Maybe start a Facebook fan page about it or something? I agree completely.

I love how you turned part of the one episode into "My Queen." Could you see yourself doing an entire album of songs?
Yes I do! I would love to do an entire album. I had so much fun making that song and doing that video.

Would you do it straight up or comedic?
It would be comedic because I'm a comedian. I'm a fun guy. I would take it serious, but it would still be fun.

One of my favorite bits on the album was about the scary movies. What are your five favorite horror movies to pop into the DVD player on a date?
I would never do that because I wouldn't want to be at home frightened in front of someone.

But it's one of the four types of movies they love!
If I had to pick five, it would be People Under The Stairs, Pet Sematary, of course Insidious, the movie I talk about.

Probably The Exorcist III and The Omen. Any of The Omens.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me for a few minutes and I wish you the best of luck with the album. I think it's great and I think it's going to do very well.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

More Erik Griffin: Official | Facebook | Twitter | PledgeMusic

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