The Culture Brats Hair Madness Tournament Bracket Reveal Show

Hey folks and welcome to The Culture Brats Hair Madness Tournament Bracket Reveal Show. The brackets have just been released and here's your first look at 'em:

Coming up first, we have a look at the East Regional:

A potential third round matchup between heavyweights David Lee Roth and KISS is very intriguing, but Guns N' Roses, the tournament's overall #1 seed, should advance from the East, although Warrant could make some noise.

Now let's take a look at the South Regional:

Three possible first-round upsets in the South: Mr. Big over the Scorpions, Winger over Celebrity Skin, and Slaughter over Dokken.

Now onto the West Regional:

Cinderella has a great chance of making it to the Elite 8, before finally falling to Poison.

Finally, let's see the bracket for the Midwest Regional:

Don't laugh, but Nelson could break a few hearts. Now let's look at the also-rans:

Night Ranger
Blue Murder
Bang Tango

Tora Tora
Every Mother's Nightmare

There you have it, folks! The Culture Brats Hair Madness Tournament! You can get your own copy of the bracket right here!

Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to vote for who you'd like to win each game. Here's the schedule:

Monday, March 18th
East and South first round games

Tuesday, March 19th
West and Midwest first round games

Wednesday, March 20th
East and South second round games

Thursday, March 21st
West and Midwest second round games

Monday, March 25th
East and South third round games

Tuesday, March 26th
West and Midwest third round games

Wednesday, March 27th
East and South fourth round games

Thursday, March 28th
West and Midwest fourth round games

Monday, April 1st
East Region winner vs. South Region winner

Tuesday, April 2nd
West Region winner vs. Midwest Region winner

Wednesday, April 3rd
The Culture Brats Hair Madness Tournament Championship Game

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