Event Coverage: BBQ Films' American Psycho Screening

The opening act of what appeared to be some sort of top-end '80s power meet and greet unfolded this past Saturday night at the luxurious but cozy Tribeca Hotel Underground in NYC. But if you peeled away the shiny high-gloss veneer, you saw the splattered blood, the clear raincoats, a few axes, and at least one chainsaw.

This is how film lovers spent their Saturday evening, in loving tribute to one of the most polarizing yet well-remembered gory tongue-in-cheek homages to male vanity, '80s excess, and a frighteningly unhinged push back against conformity by everyone's favorite well-tanned maniac, Patrick Bateman.

The movie we'd all come to honor was American Psycho, and while this gathering wasn't your typical movie going experience, these cinema social club members spent the evening wading in '80s Wall Street excess, exchanging business cards, rocking shoulder pads, and donning more than one killer suit.

The movie has stood the test of time, its lines now well-memorized classics, and most of its stars have gone supernova. However, it's still a great feeling to see The Batman lose his shit when Paul Allen's card and apartment trump his own and his philosophical rants on Huey Lewis And The News and Whitney Houston are now the stuff of legend.

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