Pod-Fascination: Go Bayside!

Go Bayside!
If you were a kid of the 1990s, it was hard not to watch Saved By The Bell. Not only was it a Saturday morning staple, but after it was syndicated I think it aired eight times a day. Why did we continue to watch this show even though the gags were trite at best and much of what happened literally defied the laws of physics?

Comedian and uber-fan April Richardson has no shame about her love for the show. On each episode of Go Bayside!, she and a guest watch the show and guffaw at its absolute implausibility and buffoonery. April gets to the important questions, such as:
  1. Why is Mr. Belding the only adult that seems to be around, and why does he inappropriately get involved in the kids' lives?
  2. Despite there being an entire school of kids, why does everything happen to just the main characters?
  3. Why do school functions always take place in The Maxx, a privately owned restaurant?
  4. Why does this show shit on nerds so much? Have they heard of bullying?
  5. Why is Kelly merely portrayed as a trophy girlfriend of Slater and Zack?
  6. What in the world are these kids wearing?
  7. How do these kids have so much time in the hall between classes?
  8. How does Screech single-handedly build a sentient, fully-functioning robot that lives in his room, and NASA hasn't recruited him?
  9. How old is Slater really?
  10. Why do dream sequences need a hazy pink border around the scene?
Sure, lesser people would just sit back and enjoy the show fondly and not care about the impossibilities, but April Richardson is doing important work. Her infectious laugh and sincere rage over the rampant child endangerment are hard not to love. Some guests have never seen the show, which makes for an even more befuddled reaction.

April is doing the show in chronological order and at the time of publication is on episode thirteen. There are eighty-six episodes of the show, not to mention the College Years and the TV movies, so she'll be in business for several years at this point. Which is good news to me, because yelling "WTF!" at a Saved By The Bell episode never gets old.


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