Friend Us!: Gogo Pledge To Kickstart This!

We scour Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, and Indiegogo and report back with projects worthy of your money or your ridicule. It's up to you to decide.

Friend Us!

Description: Animators from King Of The Hill, The Simpsons, and Futurama have joined forces to create the first social media driven animated series and they need you to friend them (or more specifically, give them $30k in 30 days so they can make it a reality).

Perks Of Note: $15 gets you a digital copy of each funded episode funded, a personalized Facebook post from a character of your choosing, a special thanks in the the end credits of the first episode and on IMDB, behind-the-scenes access to the writers room where you can contribute and influence the story, and a digital copy of their Thanks For Backing Season 1! poster. $75 gets you an animated portrait drawn of you and posted onto their Founder's page and in the credits, a high-res digital version of the portrait, and everything in the $15 package. Pony up $7,500 and you get to become the principal on the show, a one-hour video Skype call with the writers to create your character's role in the show, a producer credit for Season 1, an actual animation slide featuring you, and a limited-edition FU! T-shirt.

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