PREMIERE TRACK: Mayda, "All I Have"

Mayda will release Busy Signals on May 31st. Today, she's sharing the album's first single, "All I Have," with you guys. Here's what she had to say about the single and the album:
When you think about about all the things in life that you actually have control over and that really matter, it is your love. Recently, I have gone through a series of events in my life where I really had to look at what is important in order for me to grow and change in healthy ways. Trying to weed out people and habits out of my days and weeks is a difficult task, but worth it when you want to protect yourself in order to do what you actually want.

In a recent 3-week long tour to South Korea, I found my birth parents. It was a very emotional and difficult trip with a lot of broken communication. Busy Signals is a reaction as well as a journal entry to my journey. Not only is it trying to find an ear, but it is trying to find a voice for myself.
The release show is May 31st at the Turf Club.

More Mayda: Official | Facebook | Twitter

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