Seven Questions In Heaven With The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary)

Today we're spending Seven Questions In Heaven with The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary) singer/guitarist Frank Weysos:

Describe your music for our readers who may not be familiar with you.
The sound is straightforward. It's fast. And the focus is always on the melody and hook. It's gotta be easy and it's gotta be fun. Live, we're a party band for sure. We all come in singin' and we all come in dancin'. The rest is history.

Who are your musical influences and idols?
The band never decided on a specific style. Whatever happens, happens. But there are certain bands we all love like Weezer and The Pixies, and I think that shows up in the songs.

What was the first album, cassette, or CD you bought with your own money?
When I was eight years old, I bought two tapes at a place called Sound Warehouse. I got Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted and Metallica's And Justice For All. I got my swag from Ice Cube for sure but Metallica scared the shit out of me and that intrigued me.

What was the strangest gig you've ever played?
One time we played at The Alamodome, which holds like 70,000 people, to a crowd of two hundred people. It was hilarious... just infinite black out there. It was like playing in outer space.

What's the first thing you look for when you hit a new town?
Buffets and dangerous women. Preferably at the same place.

If they named an ice cream flavor after you, what would be the name and why?
Hard Rock-y Road. For all the obvious reasons.

Final question: You're the opening act of a music festival. You can get any five artists, living or dead, to perform on the bill with you. Which five do you choose and what song do you all perform as the final jam?
I'd love to play "We All Belong" with all the members of Dr. Dog. That'd cool.

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