NBC Also Rebooting "Say Anything"

It's not bad enough that NBC is working on a Real Genius TV workplace comedy show. Now they're working on a serialized Say Anything sequel.

Deadline reports:

Fire up the boomboxes. Say Anything, one of the definitive Generation X movies, is being revisited as a series for Generation Ys. The single-camera comedy, from Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV, whose film studio sibling produced the 1989 Cameron Crowe movie, has received a script commitment plus penalty from NBC. Justin Adler (Better Off Ted) is writing the project, which is set a decade after the events in the movie, and will executive produce with Kaplan. Crowe has no involvement.
The 1989 comedy drama Say Anything marked Crowe’s directorial debut and solidified heartthrob John Cusack’s status as a leading man. The film chronicled the romance between average student Lloyd Dobler (Cusack) and valedictorian Diane Court (Ione Skye) during the summer after their high-school graduation. (Watch a trailer below).  Set in present day, the Say Anything series picks up ten years later.  Lloyd has long since been dumped by Diane and life hasn’t exactly turned out like he thought.  But when Diane surprisingly returns home, Lloyd is inspired to “dare to be great” once again, get Diane back and reboot his life.
NO. Noooooooooo. This is seriously bumming me out. NBC, former home of must see TV, is just grasping at straws now isn't it? What's next? The Breakfast Club: 20th High School Reunion? 40 Candles
Just watch the trailer and fall in love with John Cusack and/or Peter Gabriel all over again. 

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