SONG OF THE DAY: Logan Lynn, "The One"

For today's Song Of The Day, we have Logan Lynn's new track, "The One," off his upcoming album Adieu. Here's what Lynn said about the song:

"The song is about love ending and finding yourself on the other side of the relationship... empowered, emboldened. It's also a reclaiming of my own space, not just in my personal life, but in this weird pop music world I've been immersed in for decades now, too.

For some reason I was nervous for my mentors and former labelmates The Dandy Warhols to hear the song because it is so clearly inspired by them and our time in the trenches together, but I sent it to them a few weeks ago and I got really sweet notes back from Zia (McCabe), Brent (Deboer) and Courtney (Taylor-Taylor), saying that they dig it, which was really exciting."

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