Ways to Sneak Food into a Movie

Going to see a movie is a fun but expensive experience. While not as pricey as going to a music festival or flying to a different country, many people feel that going to see a movie is just not a lot for the price. Unless they're going to a midnight premiere or a 3D movie, many people feel that they might as well wait a few months and then stream the movie from home.

In some states a single movie ticket runs upwards of $10, adding in snacks and drinks for two can push the price to around $50, easily. Spending around $10 for popcorn is such a rip-off, and since many theatres don't allow outside food or drinks, it can seem like there's no other choice but to shell out the cash.

But despite such high prices, going to the movies is a staple of many cultures. Nowadays people are always talking about the latest blockbuster hits, the celebrities that star in them, and sometimes even the academy award nominations.

Movie theatres have a long history of being a primary form of entertainment. Before the recording was made possible, people enjoyed going to see live theatre. But since film recording, movies have become vital both inside and outside of the home.

People own movie collections and some even have their own theatre rooms in their homes. And just a few decades ago, drive-in movies were popular too. Drive-in movies combined the luxury of watching on a giant screen while getting to sit in your own personal space.

But of course, people still flock to the theatres, especially since movies don't become available for at-home watching for a few months.

Movie-going is also an experience in itself. It's a place for everyone: families, couples, and even people who just need to take themselves out for the night.

So even though most people feel that going to the movies is a rip-off, it seems that there won't be any decline in its popularity any time soon.

But this doesn't mean that people should still be paying so much for a movie. And let's face it, seeing a movie without a snack or drink in hand is a dry experience. And the food and drinks offered at movie theatres are rarely that good.

So, the question then becomes, how do we get more out of every movie-going experience? How do we enjoy seeing a movie without paying such steep prices for things that won't really satisfy us?

Well, the most common way that people get more out of going to the movie is by bringing in their own snacks. As mentioned before, movie theatres don't typically allow outside food or drinks, people sneak them in.

Now, there may be many different reasons why theatres don't allow outside food and drinks. Some important ones to note might include the profits that the theatre makes and also because the theatre itself is responsible for abiding by all health codes, which might be broken if people are bringing in all kinds of unaccounted for food.

But sneaking in food and drinks isn't anything new. People have been doing it for ages. Especially in a culture so heavily dependent on a variety of entertainment, people have been coming up with many different ways to get the most out of their experiences.

So, what's the best way to bring in your own food? Here are some tips:

1. Bring a large bag
Of course one of the things you'll need is something to carry your good in discretely. A large purse or tote bag will typically do the trick. Backpacks will also work, but it seems a bit more sketchy and obvious.

According to Kate Huber at NJGamblingFun, A large purse is typically a go-to. But you should make sure your theatre will allow large bags more generally. For a time, there were scares about people bringing dangerous items into theatres including guns. So, make sure that your theatre won't search your bags (and also don't bring in dangerous items).

Large bags will allow you to bring in anything from your own bags of candy to fast food from nearby. But you might not need it if you're bringing in smaller food items or drinks.

2. Reusable Bottles
For drinks or even smaller snacks, you could pack them inside a reusable bottle. But of course, the best kind of bottle to get is one that's not transparent. If they can see that what's in your water bottle isn't water, they're not going to let you bring it in.

But reusable water bottles are great! First of all, they're great for the environment. And now, they can even help prevent you from getting ripped off by expensive movie theatre concessions.

There are lots of reusable bottles to choose from. But generally, for these purposes, bigger is better. And if you don't have one at the ready, check out GiftWits' guide to the best water bottles.

3. Wear a large jacket
For an even more discrete sneak in, wear a large jacket. A large jacket will probably become useful anyways since movie theatres can be pretty cold.

During the winter, a long jacket with inside pockets is perfect. Inside pockets are better than outside ones, but usually, either will work. And speaking of pockets, that brings us to the next tip.

4. Wear clothes with large pockets
If you don't want to hold onto a jacket while at the movies, make sure you wear something with large pockets. But watch out, because it can be easy to spot candy bulging out from someone's pocket.

Although cargo pants aren't typically the most fashionable, their large bulky pockets make it a lot less obvious when you're trying to sneak in food.

5. Do your research
As mentioned before, the rules about bringing in food into theatres may change from theatre to theatre. Some theatres actually might just let you bring in whatever you want, so in that case, you don't even have to worry about sneaking in food.

But on the other hand, if a theatre is more or less strict about bringing in food, you should be prepared. So, ask around or look it up online.

So, if you want to eat better, cheaper food while watching a movie in theatres, you can save a lot of money by sneaking in your own. Though it's typically easier to bring in food than drinks, any of the four tips above or even combinations of the tips will ensure a better movie-going experience.

After hearing about the amazing movies online and from commercials, you can still jump straight to the theatres as soon as it comes out and enjoys the fun of going to the movies. But now, if you follow these tips, you don't have to worry as much about spending all of your paychecks on a two-hour experience.

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