Did you know that these celebrities are bonkers for Blackjack?

Blackjack, or '21' as it's also commonly referred too, is one of the world's most popular, and favourite, casino games. And, thanks to online Blackjack, we can play a few hands of the ever-popular game whenever, and wherever, we want. Still, nothing will take away the thrill of playing the age-old game at a land-based establishment, and the possibility of pulling up a pew next to a celebrity simply adds to the excitement!

With that in mind, let's take a look at a number of celebrities who are bonkers for Blackjack. Read on to find out more!

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Hollywood A-listers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon share a lot of things in common. They grew up as best friends in Massachusetts, living together in Los Angeles when they were both trying to make the big time, and they have starred in a whole host of films together since – starting with Good Will Hunting. But, what's more, they also share a love for gambling!

The acting duo, who often take part in World Series of Poker events around the United States, took to gambling after they starred in the film Rounders, and can often be seen in Las Vegas' and Atlantic City's casinos – so you could well be rubbing shoulders with them in the future! The pair once played Blackjack in the Hard Rock casino in Florida and walked away with $1 million. It is believed that were staking over $20,000 a hand and tipped the staff roughly $150,000 before leaving with their hefty winnings.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry's boisterous antics have landed him in the headlines for years – most of which we won't even bother going into! Her Majesty the Queen's grandson, who now resides in LA with his wife Meghan Markle and son, can also often be seen in Sin City's mega casinos. A few years ago, Harry was seen playing blackjack at the strip's Wynn Encore Casino, obviously attracting a massive crowd of onlookers. It is believed that the member of the Royal Family lost $300, which doesn't sound like a lot, especially for a Royal! However, he, and his entourage racked up an eye-watering $30,000 bill. It's also reported that when Harry is in the VIP rooms, and away from the public-eye, that he likes to stake the real mega-bucks!

50 Cent
Rapper Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, is pretty much known for any type of gambling, especially high-stakes sportsbook bets on American sports and boxing – which he often flaunts on his official social media pages. However, the Candy Shop singer is also an avid Blackjack player. Jackson often bets around $5,000 per hand and can gamble up to $70,000 in a single sitting. In fact, 'Fiddy' loves Blackjack so much that he even released his own app; 50 Cents Blackjack. However, it failed to take off.

Paris Hilton
Friend of the stars and heir to one of the biggest, and best known, hotel brands in the world, Paris Hilton is also known to have a love for gambling. The singer/actor/businesswomen, if you want to actually classify her as any of those things, is a Las Vegas regular, and has actually been quite successful in the Sin City casinos! The 39-year-old was, reportedly, paid $100,000 for DJing at a popular Vegas nightclub. However, she decided to take the money straight to the Blackjack tables. It is believed that Paris walked away $50,000 up – not that it really mattered, given her enormous wealth!

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