Top Three Tips for Improving Your Slot Game Gambling Skills


The one-armed bandit is still a top hit in casinos after almost a century. The game is designed to be completely random. There are entire floors dedicated to these games in land-based casinos, while online casinos have endless titles on offer. Still, because there are so many types of machines, you can make educated choices depending on what kind of fun you're after.

In this article, you'll learn to play slots more wisely, with some simple slot machine tips. Additionally, follow our guest specialist, Auli Wälkky, to stay updated about the slot world.

It All Begins with Choice

First of all, keep an eye on bonus offers. Some casinos offer free spins and other perks for newcomers. Casinos with more payment options will probably provide a smoother gambling experience too. Gamblers in Finland will surely have a blast with the casino bonukset.

Even in games like slots, where skill isn't a significant factor, smarter choices can lead to better results. So, do your research before you go around inserting coins. When online, look for reliable platforms with a wide variety of titles. Here's a quick guide to the main types of slot machines you're likely to find.

It's the original type of machine. Because of its simplicity, this kind of machine is fading away. It has only one payline, very few symbols and cheap payouts. It can be a good place to start.

Multiplier machines are some of the most common ones. Those machines invite players to bet higher since the initial wager will multiply possible winnings. For instance, if you bet €2 and strike a €10 combination, you'll win €20.

Multiple Paylines
Machines with 25, 50, or more paylines belong to this sub-type. Those machines offer much more paylines than any other machine. However, you must pay to 'activate' those lines. It means if a winning combination lands on an ‘inactive' line, you lose anyway.

Progressive jackpots are those machines you hear about when someone strikes a millionaire prize. It's called so because the jackpot increases with every bet it takes. In some cases, various machines are connected, leading to even higher payouts.

Top Three Tips for Better Gambling

Now that you know the kinds of slot machines available, it's time to choose one, according to your tastes and budget. There's really no magic secret about how to win at slots, let alone how to beat online casino slot machines.

However, there's more to this game than just inserting the coin and pushing the button. Check below the best tips for enjoying the best of this fantastic game.

Know Your Game
Never gamble blindly. Learn everything you can about your favourite game: bet range, Return to Player (RTP) rate, paylines. Is the jackpot fixed or progressive? Fixed jackpots tend to come out more often, especially the small ones.

Not learning those aspects can lead to wasteful choices. If possible, look for free versions of your game online so that you can get the feel of it.

Learn the Paytable
Get acquainted with the symbols and their values, so you can follow what's happening on the screen. Some games may offer you the option of betting on specific symbols. Knowing the paytable comes in handy in those situations.

This information is typically available in the game's menu. Reading reviews about your favourite game is also very helpful.

Respect Your Wallet
It's easy to lose track of your expenses when trying to get some bucks out of the machine. You can avoid this danger by setting a budget for your fun time, and above all, stick to it. A strict budget helps to keep you away from compulsive behaviour. Practice responsible gambling.


Typically, the best online slot games to win are those with high RTP rates. A high RTP rate means that the machine pays more often. Progressive jackpots offer relatively lower chances of winning than any other type. So, narrowing your search for a game by theme, then by type, and finally, for betting range, you're sure to find the best slot machine for you.

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