Your Guide to the Best Guitar Reviews

Aspiring musicians and collectors alike both are concerned with the quality and craftsmanship of the guitars that they purchase. One of the best Christmas gifts that I ever got from my dad was a guitar. I remember it quite clearly: the dark blue paint job with slight shimmer…it was beautiful. He chose well, and it seems like he did his research, since despite that being decades ago it is still in good shape.

Nowadays, it can be hard to find reputable vendors. Sadly, a lot of the old school vendors and shops have closed their doors, a problem that was only exacerbated by the pandemic and how hard it hit small businesses. What options do we have, then?

Doing Your Research

For some of us, it may seem pretty silly to do hardcore research on an instrument. However, as most of us musicians know, a lot about a piece comes down to the brand that it comes from as well as the model. So, this step is not one to ignore.

Now, looking at something like this page,, probably is not going to be sufficient. Try searching up specific brands and the features that they have to offer. Just knowing the components of a guitar could help you to do this, though, since you can know what to be on the lookout for.

If you know anyone who also plays, you could ask them their opinion as well as you start your search for a new one. I find that consulting other musicians can be quite helpful, since they have firsthand experience with certain warranties or programs like that, as just one example.

What to Watch For

First thing’s first: you will need to decide if you want to go with an acoustic or an electric style. They play relatively the same, but the sounds that the guitars produce are going to be considerably different. There is also the matter of accessories, since they will be different. The electric ones usually need an amp to truly achieve the intended sound.

After that, though, a lot of us get stuck. What else is there to consider? Checking out some of the Best Guitar Reviews can offer some perspective into this, though, since they can offer some testimonials from real players.

Often, it is in the small details that we can discern a sloppy assembly job from a quality one. Checking if the neck is straight is one tell-tale sign, of course. There is also the question of whether the instrument stays in tune – that may be something to check the reviews for, since it is pretty much impossible to figure that out based on pictures online.

The two other details that I want to highlight have to do with the fretboard. You should ensure that you will be able to reach it comfortably, which means you should look at how far the strings are on the fretboard. It might seem like something unimportant, but it can impact comfort and playability, both of which are good to think about.

Other Considerations?

With the main part of this article finished, there are a few other things that I want to discuss in regard to this topic. While the previous section is what I think is most important, there are still a few other aspects that do not hurt to ponder as well.

Personally, I find the rich history surrounding these instruments to be quite fascinating. You could check out a blog such as this one to learn about it, if you are unfamiliar. At first glance, it is easy to brush this aside and assume this will not help us become better players. However, you may be surprised!

As far as the used versus new guitar debate goes, there are pros and cons to each side. While I have never opted to go for a used one, I know plenty of people who have and have not had any complaints. There is always a bit more of a risk with them, but that smaller price tag could be worth it for you. At the end of the day, picking an instrument that suits our needs is always the priority.

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