Stranger Things: Bringing back 80’s fashion

Fans of the TV show Stranger Things will know that the story is well and truly set in the 1980s, with teenagers who are wearing the kinds of clothes that were popular at the time. Such is the popularity of the TV show that references have leaked into the mainstream and begun to pervade the current trends, particularly among younger fans.

Those who are old enough to remember the 80s from the first time around will know that the emphasis was very much on extremes. While the New Romantics flounced around in frills and ruffles, discos were packed with young people showing off their newly available fluorescent colours.

It was a time when individuality was still prized, particularly by those that wanted to express themselves through the medium of their clothes. The variety of perfectly put-together outfits is one of the things that makes the 80s styling in Stranger Things so effective.

This is particularly true among an audience that remembers the social segregation that could easily occur when people wore their political opinions on their sleeves. The era of punk encouraged non-conformist, anti-establishment sentiments to be expressed through music as a platform for like-minded young people to come together.

Stranger Things 80s styling
When the wardrobe department on a TV show keeps getting mentioned in mainstream media, you know the costumes must have been good. The Stranger Things cast was the perfect embodiment of the prevailing movements of the 1980s, offering viewers the chance to see the wide array of fashions on display.

Some of the most iconic outfits from Stranger Things have really resonated with the fans that were around during the 80s, with many fans commenting on the evocative sight of scrunchies, mullets, high-waisted gym shorts, and, of course, Elle’s playsuits.

Elle and Eddie – equal and opposite
As an entity with dubious origins, Eleven’s style is as eclectic as everything else about her. Despite her inability to understand a lot of social interaction, she appears to be fully on board with 80s fashion, sporting some of the most colourful outfits in the show.

Her brightly coloured jumpsuits and wild shirts serve as a reminder of the prevailing style of the time, sitting in stark contrast to the seriousness of her mission to rid the world of the monsters that terrorize her and her friends. Bright colours and bold designs are very much Elle’s ‘look’ and fans can recreate this with these paint splatter denim pants – the perfect piece for any Stranger Things fan.

At the other end of the scale, Eddie is a classic 80s rocker, sporting the long wavy hair, ripped black jeans, and denim jacket that formed that decade’s uniform for heavy metal fans. The little touches are perfect including the Hellfire Club t-shirts that have become a must-have for true fans, the wallet on a chain that was a must-have at the time, and even the chain around his neck sporting his name in cursive.

From the screen to the streets – fashion from television
Of course, Stranger Things isn’t the first show to influence the way people dress, and it certainly won’t be the last. While we may have all finally grown out our ‘Rachel’ cuts, there are still shows today that inspire the fashion-conscious and entice them into buying some signature pieces.

While there may not be tonnes of people wandering around in full Regency garb, there can be no doubt that Bridgerton influenced many people to adopt slightly more wearable versions of the clothes sported by the main cast. Retailers reported a boom in the popularity of corsets off the back of the show, as well as empire waists, fancy headwear, and elaborate accessories.

Emily in Paris had a similar effect on the global beret market, with plenty of wannabe Parisians rushing out to match her look. At the other end of the scale, Euphoria-inspired looks saw PVC, pleather, and a preponderance of zips making their way into fans’ wardrobes.

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