Imitation Is Flattery And All That

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Governator is the most flattered actor in California right now. Let's look at the list of Arnold Schwarzenegger films that are currently on the remake/sequel list:

Conan (remake)

Terminator (another possible sequel)

Red Sonja (remake)

Predator (sequel I think)

And you can now add Commando to the list. Commando is being touted as a grittier, more lifelike reboot.

Does anyone else think it's kind of strange that all of Arnie's films are getting rebooted? No doubt his films were action packed and entertaining (and made a lot of money) but you don't see, I dunno, Stallone, Segal, or VanDamme films getting the same treatment. Is Arnie just the best of the bunch?

But if they try to remake Twins, I'm going to put my foot down. That movie doesn't need to see the light of day ever, EVER again.


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