Is Big Hair Big Again?

You know you wondered it the minute you saw your first Bumpit commercial... was big hair coming back in again? The New York Times and scientists at MIT seem to think so. Apparently, when the economy suffers, big hair comes back in. Because hair is cheaper than diamonds. And since celebrities and rich people want to show they're all sensitive and shit, they go for big hair and fancy clothes in lieu of big jewels and extra fancy clothes!

I am so touched by their economic solidarity!

Big hair is all good for celebrities and runway models (and residents of Texas and New Jersey) but how does that trickle down to the rest of us? Will big hair become part of the everyday look? Have you run out and bought your Bumpits yet? Because if you did I totally want to know! (Seriously, send me your pictures.)

Just know that if you are going to attempt 21st century big hair... it can go really, really wrong.

Courtesy of People of Walmart. If you and your loved ones love backward fashion then you should visit this site. Trust me.


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