Meat Loaf Is Back

Meat Loaf is back with a new album due for a North American release on May 11. It's already hit the top 10 charts in the UK. The album, called Hang Cool, Teddy Bear is a 13-song album that was written as a synopsis to a screenplay and short story.

Meat Loaf says about the album:
"Sonically, this record is so far removed from any album I've ever done before, and I wanted it that way," Meat Loaf said, dismissing comparisons that have been made to his Bat Out of Hell series. "I wanted it to be more organic. I wanted the songs to be about a human condition as opposed to always attempting to get laid, 'cause that's basically what (Bat partner Jim) Steinman writes about. Every song with him is about the anticipation of getting laid or wanting to get laid, which is not a bad thing, but everything is about sex. This one is not. This is about the human condition. The lyrical structures, the character structures, are completely different on this. It's an emotional wave that rides a different side of the brain. It really is a departure."
The line-up on this album is kind of incredible. Produced by Rob Cavallo, it has songs from Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Hawkins (The Darkness), and Kara DioGuardi to name a few. Performing on the album are Kara DioGuardi, Jack Black, Brian May, Hugh Laurie (yes, Dr. House Hugh Laurie) and Meat Loaf's daughter among other notables on the album.

There's a special edition of the album that has a second disc with a ton of classic Meat Loaf live tracks. Any Meat Loaf fans out there dying to hear this? I'm not a huge fan but I admit I'm a bit curious now.

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