Piranha 3D

I know we normally bash remakes in our Reboot, Remake, Regurgitate column, but from the looks of its trailer, Piranha 3D could be the greatest flick E-V-E-R.

What's it got going for it? Witness:
  • Piranhas (hence the title)
  • An overacting Christopher Lloyd
  • Half-naked young men and women frolicking in the water
  • Elizabeth Shue, which can only lead to a Back To The Future II/III reference/pun/parody between her and Lloyd
  • Richard Dreyfuss, who is no doubt on board for a Jaws reference/pun/parody
  • Piranhas, people!
  • Ving. No last name necessary
Seriously? What more do you need? But don't take my word for it. Have a look at the trailer:

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