Oh My Hairness...

The Hair. Somebody. Stop. The. Hair!

I am about to thoroughly embarrass myself with this post so please be kind and don't kick me out of Culture Brats. Pretty please!

Oh the '80s, what was I thinking? The hair, the hair for crying out loud, it makes me recoil in shame as well as rejoice! My choices were wide open, strange and wonderful, as well as deranged and damaging.

From the moment I was able to 'DO" my own hair I could not, would not, leave well enough alone. A whole new world opened up to me. Sun-In? Pfft, that was for sissies. I would sit in the sun with hydrogen peroxide in my hair for hours while I put on frosty pink Wet 'n' Wild lipstick! A very hot look once you got all tan with your baby oil sheen!

I had my version of A Flock of Seagulls around 1985 oh yes, yes I did... see?

(Maybe not as severe, but I did my best with what I had, ya know?)

I rocked a Palmer girl style for a bit. Here is a comparison.

(The top one is me, I'm the one on the right, just in case you couldn't tell which picture was me and which was the video babe.)

(at least I tried and I think I got pretty close, also this picture is horrendous, I know and I am sorry)

I worked so hard to have THE style du jour only to be met with sighs from the Naysayers: your hair is too fine to do that, your hair is to fragile for that process, blah blah blah. I crimped, I scrunched, I spritzed all day, everyday. I was DETERMINED to get it right, to get the height, but nothing really worked.

Nothing worked that is until I headed off to college. Armed with a credit card whose billing address was not my dorm room and with my new found independence, I set out to find the person who would be my angel, my high hair goddess, the one who would make me the vision of '80s Gold. It was there on Newbury Street in Boston that I found my saviour.

She went all the way with me and I became an '80s hair icon: permed, bleached, and so, so big!

When you are done gasping in horror at these photos we can address all of the fashion choices at a later date if you don't mind, once I come out of hiding.

So my question is, what did you look like in the '80s? Does it make you squirm? Does it make you laugh? But more importantly, did you have a PERM?

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