Scary Movie

There are a lot of movies of the '80s that stick in my head. I was young, impressionable. The rating system was questionable. Perhaps I was a little too sensitive. I was prone to nightmares, leaping off my bed in the night when I had to use the potty so to avoid that cliched monster under the bed. He was there. I know he was. He'd have grabbed my foot if I'd stepped just out of bed neatly near the mattress.


Well, now that you know I have issues let's discuss this movie that scared the living daylights our of me as a girl yet I subjected myself to watching it over and over thanks to the luxury of HBO. (Which also brought us Fraggle Rock, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)

I suppose you want to know what movie I am talking about. The movie that terrified me?

The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

Yes. I admit it. Lily Tomlin freaked me right out. The movie starts innocently enough but as it goes on this poor woman shrinks and shrinks and nearly dies in the garbage disposal.

It's weird that the movie affected me as much as it did as a kid because now, as a mom... potentially in Tomlin's character's shoes... I see the metaphor. Sometimes women, mothers perhaps in particular, feel like we're invisible. This movie illustrated this feeling. Sometimes moms seem to disappear. Maybe that's why this movie scared me as a kid. I've always identified strongly with my own (stay-at-home) mom and maybe this movie scared me because I didn't want my own mom to disappear.

Look at how deep and intellectual I am!

I can admit that thinking about this movie today still gives me the shakes. ISSUES. Aren't you just so glad I joined the team here?

So many TV shows and movies in the '80s disturbed me. Thank goodness I'm not growing up now because holy balls would I be even more messed up than I am now? Yep. Pretty sure.

Did you see this movie as a kid? Did you find it disturbing?

I feel compelled to watch it as an adult now. I'm sure it will seem very simplistic and silly. Such are the times I suppose.

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