Bravo Searches For The Next Big Art Star

As someone who was an art student for approximately fifteen minutes before she realized she couldn't draw or paint even well enough to pass her work off as "abstract," of course I had to watch the latest offering from the Bravo juggernaut, Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist.

Bravo takes an "if ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to reality TV. Work Of Art follows the same template as Top Chef and (now on Lifetime) Project Runway: take a dozen or so talented people, give them weekly tasks appropriate (or not) to their chosen field, and whoever fails is asked to pack his knives and is "Aught!" Adjust for a little art world pretense, and you have Work Of Art. (Even the telltale bad critique "bong!" at the judging panel stays the same.) Interesting enough, Sarah Jessica Parker is the producer. From Bravo's site:
Bravo’s latest stroke on the reality canvas brings Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Sarah Jessica Parker and her production company, Pretty Matches, together with the Emmy-nominated Magical Elves (Top Chef, Project Runway) and Eli Holzman, to produce Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, an hour long creative competition series among contemporary artists. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist will bring together fourteen aspiring artists to compete for a solo show at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum and a generous cash prize.
The first three episodes will be in the bag by the time this post is up. So far, I like this show, but I'm of the opinion that Bravo can do no wrong (I mean, aside from catfighting housewives).

Work Of Art airs Wednesdays 10 PM EST/9 PM CST.

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