The New iPhone 4 Is So Retro

Today is the official launch of the iPhone 4 and me being the big geek I am, I wanted to share some ways to '80s up that hot new piece of hardware. The iTunes store has tons of apps for that!

In many cases, there is a free "demo" version and then a paid version of the app I mention. I've linked to the free demos so you can download and try it out and make the call to upgrade on your own!

Light Brite - Make your iPhone glow, one peg at a time!

I Love the '80s Trivia - Made by VH1 Classics!

Mr. T's "Come on foo!" - Images and soundbite of the man, the myth, THE Mr. T!

Awesome 80s Pro - User shared memories of the '80s.

Commodore 64 - This app emulates a bunch of the old Commodore games. That hot new retina display was MADE for 8-bit games!

Retro Gamer Magazine - A catalog of retro game mags. I'm actually tempted to pick this up.

Frogger - Hop Froggy, hop!

Q-Bert - Ok, I DID buy this.

Space Invaders - The classic shooter.

Voltron - And I just bought this.

Duck Hunt - Man I loved this game!

Miyagi - The wisdom of Mr. Miyagi in your pocket.

Karate Kid (new) - I know, BLASPHEMY. But the game is kinda fun. I enjoyed grabbing flies with chopsticks.

Galaga Remix - Galaga, for the new generation.

Simon - I wonder if my mom still has our Simon machine?

Pole Position- Man I still suck at this game.

Pac-Man - The one and only.

Ms. Pac-Man - Proving once again that chicks are better than dudes.

Also, Electronic Arts is having a big game sale this week. Classics like Battleship, Clue, The Game of Life and so on are on sale for $.99 a piece. (Yes, I bought some.)

Those are just the ones I ran across while I was browsing this week. Please shout out in the comments if there's something, like, totally rad that I'm missing!


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