Headed Back to the Danger Zone?

I have a friend who thinks that Top Gun tells the three best love stories of all time: The love between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, the love between a man and his jet, and the love between Maverick and Goose. My pal is very, very passionate about his love for Top Gun. So I think he's going to wig out about the news coming from MTV this week.

While doing an interview about the new Disney film, The Sorcerer's Apprentice (ugh), Jerry Bruckheimer told MTV that he's been approached recently about doing a Top Gun sequel. And Jerry said it's possible that Tom Cruise would be a part of said sequel, if they can figure out a way around the story.

While Top Gun isn't the first film Tom made, I'd argue that it's the one that made him a HUGE star. He is smoking hot in it. As is Val Kilmer. And the soundtrack is full of Kenny Loggins awesomeness. There's been a lot of discussion around Cruise, ever since his image got wrecked with the insane Oprah couch jumping and some odd interviews about Scientology. He's been looking to rehab his image and get back to opening movies in a big way. Might Top Gun 2 be the way for him to achieve this?

I dunno about that, but I do think, Top Gun Tom will give this a big ole American thumbs up.

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