The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Ok. The Twilight Saga Eclipse opened at midnight on 15,230 screens. I think they're projecting it'll pull in $1.5 billion or something like that by the end of the weekend.

Confession: I've never read a Twilight book. I've never seen a Twilight film. But the kids all tell me they're great. Not my kids. They're too young. I'm talking about the kids that hang out outside Hot Topic and ask me to buy them beer.

Like I said, I've never seen Twilight, but I think I know what's going on. From what I gather, the one guy's a vampire, the other guy's a werewolf, and they're fighting over Kristen Stewart. Close enough? Good.

How about you? For this week's Your Say Hump Day, we want to know if you're a fan of the Twilight books or movies. If so, will you be seeing The Twilight Sage: Eclipse? Or have you already seen it? Have your say in the comments.


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