The Ramen Fork: Bringing Noodles And Broth Together Again

There were four food items that I lived on in college: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese/Kraft Dinner, pasta and canned sauce, Ramen Noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches. Ramen Noodles were the quickest and easiest to make, but the most annoying to eat - having to alternate between a spoon for the broth and a fork for the noodles was tedious, given the fact that I usually found myself making a pack during times when my dexterity wasn't exactly up to par, if you know what I mean.

Many times, as I slopped it down my chin and shirt, I wished there was a utensil - like a spork, but better - that would make eating Ramen more enjoyable.

I recently discovered this, the Ramen Fork: the spork's older, hotter cooler sister. The longer tines mean you get more noodle per bite, along with a nice little bit of broth, too.



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