The Swatch Watch

It's 1988.

Him: Heeeeeyyyyy *cocky grin*

Me: Hiiiiii *bats lashes*

Him: You wanna go around? *cracks neck*

Me: Like, OK. *tosses spiral permed locks* Where's your Swatch?

This may be a regional thing. But where I grew up… when a guy and girl started "going around" the guy would wear the girls' ring on his pinky finger and the girl would wear his Swatch watch.

This was Jason's:

And yes, I still have it, but have since thrown away the dried roses. At least something good came out of that "going-around-tionship".

Oh, Swatch.

We just couldn't get enough of the Swatch. Clearly. And to be clear: the arm with a "stack" of swatches had nothing to do with how many people one was going around with... nor was it a sign of a very punctual person. It was fashion.

Like, totally.

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