Ice, Ice, Baby!

So the other day I'm skimming the entertainment sites and I see something about a guy I haven't thought of in ages - Robert Van Winkle, A.K.A. Vanilla Ice. I guess that a few days ago a video of Rob jumping a car thru fire and into a lake hit the web.

I did some digging to figure out why and here's what I've come up with.

Yes, he does have a new reality type show coming out, but it's not what you'd think. His show is called The Vanilla Ice Project and it will air on the DIY channel. You know, the channel with This Old House. The premise? Ice is rehabbing houses in south Florida, houses that have been foreclosed and need to be remodeled for sale. I guess he's been a handyman for about 15 years now and wants to show off his mad skills.

Yes, he does have a new album coming out, entitled WTF.

However, I read on the internet that the stunt was to promote the show and it seems it's untrue. According to, the stunt was part of a benefit to raise money for Make a Wish and Toys for Tots. So that's cool.

When I think of Vanilla Ice, the first thing that leaps to mind is his crazy MTV interview in which Ice trashes the MTV set during the Lamest Videos thing. My husband and I were actually watching this as it aired and were laughing hysterically. I found a long form clip of it - you get a little Electric Youth, an actually kinda funny Chris Kattan (shocking, I know), and then the Vanilla Ice set destruction at the very end.

And that's literally the most I've ever written about Vanilla Ice. Wasn't it nice to see a time in which MTV was kinda funny AND had actual music videos?

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