SmackTalk Victim: Insane Clown Posse, "Juggalo Island"

Hello and welcome to Smacktalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the video for Insane Clown Posse's "Juggalo Island." Hope ya love it!

Archphoenix: I like that it starts off with a nice, peaceful, glowy cabin in the wilderness. This is going to be a nice video, right? (0:05)

Dufmanno: Is it me, or do these people seem to only be giving a half-hearted attempt at looking like they are enjoying their time on Juggalo Island? (0:13)

The Weirdgirl: Wait till the booze kicks in. (0:14)

Chag: Wow. KISS sounds weird. (0:15)

Daddy Geek Boy: Wow. KISS got fat. (0:16)

Dufmanno: Food on the fire, boats on the water, hundreds of ample bosomed women drinking large quantities of beer: this could be the opening sequence for Piranha 2. (0:18)

Dufmanno: No poor quality video is complete without the "ruler spank." (0:25)

Archphoenix: That dirty clown man just totally ruined The Little Mermaid for me. That is NOT what Ariel and Prince Erik did in the water. (0:28)

Chag: "I got my dick in your hot dog bun?" Please tell me that's a euphemism and not lunch. (0:34)

Archphoenix: Oh dear God. I'm so glad I never eat hot dogs. I'd have to give them up after that lyric. (0:34)

Archphoenix: Wait, did that clown man say something about him wearing a Speedo? There goes breakfast. Seriously, why did I think I could eat and watch this? (0:43)

Chag: Is this Sugar Ray? (0:58)

Daddy Geek Boy: Sugar Ray got fat. (0:59)

Daddy Geek Boy: We've got sun, women, food, music. If only Ron Jeremy were here. (1:00)

Dufmanno: Stop jumping with that puppy! (1:02)

A Vapid Blonde: OH! I get why Ron Jeremy is here. It's that whole dick in a bun thing from earlier. (1:05)

A Vapid Blonde: Welcome to Juggalo Island, where all of your zombie needs are met. Even corpse on the grill. (1:23)

The Weirdgirl: I think I need some of what that guy's smoking to get through the rest of this. (1:36)

A Vapid Blonde: Wow, that guy's boobs are WAY bigger then mine! Time to do the motorboat on Juggalo Island. (1:39)

Dufmanno: We seem to have questionable water quality on Juggalo Island. I'm starting to believe it may in fact be a Superfund site. (1:54)

Daddy Geek Boy: Burning Man ain't what it used to be. (2:08)

A Vapid Blonde: This is like some horrible mash up of Killer Clowns From Outer Space and Wicker Man. (2:16)

Chag: It's been nearly two minutes. Are we just pretending like we didn't see the girls in the thongs? (2:20)

The Weirdgirl: Are you kidding? Those thongs were the least nightmare-inducing image here. Bring 'em back! (2:22)

Chag: That's not a hatchet. Or a dead hula girl, for that matter. (2:37)

Dufmanno: It's already running about one minute over what the normal human can tolerate. Edit, people! (3:09)

Dufmanno: Vin Diesel? (3:22)

The Weirdgirl: I used to be a little "clown-curious" but now I'm not. Not. At. All! (3:25)

A Vapid Blonde: I think that dog was just signing the words, "HELP ME." (3:33)

Chag: No wonder! Did you see that freaky Day-Glo clown next to it? (3:33)

Dufmanno: I feel like I just kicked a puppy and I'm not sure why. (3:45)

Chag: Juggalo Island: Worst Spring Break Ever. (3:45)

Daddy Geek Boy: It's comforting to know that middle age will even mellow out the ICP. (3:46)

A Vapid Blonde: Now I can't stop singing, "Ha ha ha ha ha!" And I feel high. (3:46)

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