The Power of the Internet Compels You!

Wonder Woman fans, finally some good news. Remember that fairly hideous costume that NBC revealed to the world not too long ago? According to Slice of SciFi, NBC heard our outrage and has tweaked the outfit accordingly. Gone are the oddly sky blue ill fitting pants and skank-red lipstick. Behold the new outfit in action.

Better yes? Still not totally amazing - I'd prefer if the bustier and boots and lasso didn't look really cheap (and she didn't look, I dunno, constipated). But it's definitely better.

In other news, Elizabeth Hurley has signed on to be the archnemesis Veronica Cale. And she's still really, really hot so that's something. And Cary Elwes has signed on to play the CEO of Wonder Woman's company. I kind of love Cary so that's exciting news.

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