Remember How I Was Excited About Wonder Woman?

Back in the day, my younger, more naive self was kind of excited to hear that Wonder Woman was making a return to the small screen. Then I started hearing more about it.


A first look picture was posted to Michael Ausiello's TV Line and it's, well, let's be polite and say it's not what *I* would have designed. Let's see it shall we?

Ok, I'm sorry, I can't be polite: are you *%@#ing kidding me? Seriously? IT BURNS US! It looks like a cheap Halloween costume that doesn't fit. And the pants and boots are truly wrong. I was hoping they'd stick to the newer outfit color scheme. Hell, even making the pants a dark blue with a nice dark red boot would have been better. And, you know, something that looks like it fits would be good.

Come on, critique it. It's not just me right? This thing is awful.

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