He Did Say He'd Be Back

Now that he's no longer the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking for work. And he's actually got a lot of projects in development.

First up is a project in the works with the great Stan "The Man" Lee. They're looking to create avnew animated TV show and comic book series based on Arnie, called The Governator. How awesome is that? Basically, they're using Arnold's life but with a twist. After he leaves the governor's mansion in Sacramento, Arnie moves to Brentwood, CA and opens up a secret lair under his mansion and becomes a crime-fighting superhero. Basically Batman but more California. The enemy? A nefarious evil super-group called the Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars and Irredeemable Ex-Con Men (Or GIRLIE Men for short). Sign. Me. Up. I wonder if they'll work his presidential physical fitness program for kids in as a part of superhero training?

Also in the works: one and maybe two more Terminator movies. Ok, now I admit, I have no idea how that fits into the current storyline (we did see a glimpse of a younger, more CGI version of the man at the end of the Bale one) but whatever. I do know that Skynet just went active - April 21, 2011 was the go live date - and what America needs now is some terminating action.

And, of course, let's not forget, he's likely to appear in a large role in The Expendables 2: No Lawman Allowed.

Am I the only one who's kinda stoked that the Kindergarten Cop is making a return to the big screen?

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