All Hail the Weinsteins!

Remember a few weeks ago when I ruined my husband's birthday by announcing the remake of The Crow, possibly starring Bradley Cooper? Maybe he'll take me back and love me again with this news:

The Weinstein Brothers (i.e. the guys who used to be Miramax) are suing Relativity Media to stop the production from happening. Basically, the Weinsteins are claiming that they own all the worldwide rights to The Crow, and so Relativity needs to stop. Relativity has fired back saying, basically, that the Weinsteins are thugs and are trying to intimidate and they have no right to shut the project down. Basically, it's gonna get ugly. And Harvey's already in a lot of legal battles - with Michael Moore among others. I do rather enjoy the claim that Harvey was too busy eating M&Ms off the floor to pay attention to another film though.

Anyway, my point is this: no remake of The Crow. Not for awhile anyway. We can all breathe a sigh of relief for the moment. (Babe, can I come home now?)


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