CD Review: Dynasty Electric's Golden Arrows

We originally published this review on March 28th, 2011. I still stand by my proclamation that "Mountain Song" is the best song of 2011 so far. Also, if you want to win one of five autographed copies of Golden Arrows, click here.

Fact: Dynasty Electric's "Mountain Song," from the forthcoming album Golden Arrows, is the best song of 2011.

I know some of you might find that statement ridiculous given the fact that we're not even a quarter way through 2011 yet, but I stand by it. I've intentionally held this review to see if I'd change my mind and it wasn't just the "newness" of the song talking, but I've been listening to it for a month now and my opinion hasn't wavered a bit. Equally haunting and sexy, "Mountain Song" is a song about a love so powerful it doesn't "let life get in the way."

Dynasty Electric is a Brooklyn duo led by Jenny Electrik on vocals and Seth Misterka on everything else. I'm in love with Jenny Electrick's voice. An interesting mix of Alternaqueens Siouxsie Sioux, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, and Debbie Harry, Electrick's voice is what draws you in. I know they're going to get a lot of press for having Ski Beatz produce the album, but oh my God that voice!

Golden Arrows is all over the musical map, effortlessly grooving from genre to genre. The album kicks off with the slinky "Golden Arrows," followed by an industrial "Radiation," and then into a nearly-adult-contemporary "Infectious." Along the way, we're treated to "Bird Song," a happy and playful tune that is juxtaposed with Electrick's sultry delivery, and the Jefferson Airplane psychedelia of "Spell Of Time." You're even get a couple of dance tunes ("Box Of Light" and "Reality Check") before reaching the album's crown jewel, the aforementioned "Mountain Song." In the end, Golden Arrows comes off as an amazing mixtape your best friend lovingly made for you.

Verdict: The moment their record company decides to release the album, pick it up.

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